Logistic Fraud Control
February 27, 2020
Success Stories

One of the most important agricultural terminals in Argentina came to us in 2017 with a problem: they had no way of verifying the validity of truck management within the plant. This left the door open to the possibility of fraud.

With a flow greater than 1500 trucks per day, controlling one by one manually was impossible. Therefore, they make the decision to turn to our professional experience to solve the problem.

Our analysis resulted in the fact that the information required to prevent fraud was already within each of the separate management systems.

This terminal uses 3 types of systems: one of general management, one of scales and another of merchandise quality. However, these 3 systems produced a large amount of data that nobody crossed, that is, they did not talk to each other.

That is why we take all these management systems, already existing, as data sources and integrate them with the aim of understanding and detecting anomalies between sources. Thus creating not only the possibility of reporting immediately, by automatic alarms any anomaly; but also to have a permanent record of all the terminal activity.

Thanks to the implementation of our service, there is no movement without registering and, more importantly, without analyzing. That brings as a result that managers can rest assured that they will not be losing money for fraudulent activities.

Additionally, our tool has become the main source of internal and external audit that the company has today to control the management. Before they did not have any suitable tools and they had to spend days and even months analyzing scattered data.

This is another example of how most of our clients already produce the information they need but do not exploit it 100%. Aberfura’s mission is to exploit that data sources that the customer already produces in a systematic way and taking out management value.

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