Financial Risk Model
March 4, 2020
Success Stories

How does the financial industry define the risk of each client? With Data.

Aberfura is an expert in data analysis and data mining. Therefore, after years of experience in the financial industry we develop our own Financial Risk Model. It constantly incorporates updated data from clients through AI, which allows us to obtain relevant information for decision making. 

Our client, a well-known company in the international financial industry, used an outdated and in new term ineffective methodology to define a candidate credit qualifier.

The implementation of our Financial Risk Model allowed them to update their customer data more frequently and accurately. Aberfura has advance methods of data mining that gave them the opportunity to have their client portfolio updated at any time.

Moreover, it added more data points in which the candidate is weighted. Nowadays, thanks to the Financial Risk Model, they have a greater and more precise number of data points to evaluate each candidate, which increases the precision.

With this Model, the company can evaluate more adequately each candidate and current client.

With this information they can determinate more accurately which credit to offer to each one of them. In other words, it minimized the risk of its operation.

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