IT Audit
February 27, 2020
Success Stories

Can you answer management questions to IT auditors at any time without hesitation?

Our client could not. That is why they detected a problem in the management of their database and turn to our professional experience to solve the problem.

The company, which is part of the logistics industry in Latin America, only had one analyst to audit its information systems monthly. In turn, access to production systems was not controlled, allowing unauthorized developers to enter and modify vital information for the company.

Our Aberfura Audit Platform product, made it possible to generate real-time computer audit reports, detect anomalies, alarm against security hazards and collect historical and unmodifiable information for analysis.

The Aberfura Audit Platform uses universal tools that allow it to integrate not only computer auditing but the company’s management into a single platform.

This was a quick solution to apply, which has unlimited storage and can be adapted to all customer needs.

More importantly, it allowed the client to see that he was not aware of many actions that were happening in his information systems that could lead to economic loss.

If you cannot answer the question, as well as our client, do not hesitate to contact us.