Aberfura Analytics

Anticipate the Future | Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning

Take present and historical data to build an ever-changing model that informs and alerts the operator of opportunities to improve the current operation and its programming. Evaluate, alert and suggest fraud with parameters based on machine learning models.

Ranches trucks, truckers and products suggesting changes in real time to improve programming, waiting time and unit service.

Master the Present | Operational BI – Real-time operational analysis

Complete module of trucks and wagons with clear KPI per minute and intuitive control panels. It allows the user to have an overview of the entire operation. Interactive Programming allows the operator not only to map and visualize the activity of trucks and wagons but also to interact with each unit. The interaction with the truck allows to optimize the individual and general processes in real time. With a bidirectional communication module the operator can communicate with the truck driver even before being inside the plant.

Understand the Past | Historical Analysis

Create an in-depth analysis of all historical events to find patterns and opportunities and help improve long-term operations and their profits. Be it the last month or the last 5 years, the fully scalable data infrastructure will return results in surprising times thanks to the native multi-processing structure. Unlimited data sources will create a knowledge-rich environment to understand your business in a totally new way.